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Our young team in Thun and Wettingen serves the interests of our members and partner hotels with passion and dedication. Together we work tirelessly to further optimise our unique member-based booking model and to make it accessible to more consumers and hotel businesses located in Switzerland and neighbouring countries. Our declared goal is to make it possible for our members to stay in the place of their dreams – without having to spend hours on the Internet searching for a bargain.

Claudio Grisch CEO Hotelcard AG

CEO Claudio Grisch,
with Hotelcard since August 2019

Thierry Kneissler Chairman Hotelcard AG

Chairman of the Board (and TWINT founder) Thierry Kneissler, with Hotelcard since March 2020

The idea behind the “Half-Fare Travelpass”

The Hotelcard idea was born in 2009, quite literally at the kitchen table when young Swiss entrepreneur Ivan Schmid asked himself how he could help his, at that time future, father-in-law achieve better occupancy rates at his hotel in the Engadin region. The answer to this question was also the spark that started the fire – that very year Ivan launched the Hotelcard, which has become known throughout Switzerland as the “Half-Fare Travelpass”. The idea has continued to be a huge success to this day. Hotelcard members benefit from unbeatably low rates at 600 hotels in Switzerland and neighbouring countries, while the participating hotels are in turn able to improve their occupancy rates during the off season thanks to Hotelcard. This is the reason why not only the number of partner hotels has been increasingly steadily for the last 10 years but also the number of satisfied members. Simple and novel, this is a win-win model for everyone.

What we stand for

Local travel and Sustainability


Why travel to far-off destinations when we have fantastic places on our doorstep? Hotelcard stands for sustainable regional travel and consciously supports local independent hotels.

Fascinating places and experiences


Whether untouched mountain valleys, charming old towns, culinary temples or good old-fashioned hearty hospitality, Hotelcard promotes travel diversity, taking its members to places which would otherwise remain undiscovered.

More Travel for less money


Our business is financed exclusively from your membership subscriptions. Which is the reason why hotels are prepared to give us exclusive low rates. Our model is unique, transparent and honest.


For members


You can manage your personal data as well as your Hotelcard membership online.


Find answers to your questions in our FAQ or open a ticket for our Customer Service.


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For hotels


Manage your hotel on our Extranet or register your hotel to join Hotelcard.


Do you want more information or have questions?


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What our members say

"The mountains are our favourite destination. Switzerland has so many beautiful places to go and, thanks to Hotelcard, we can explore them at a discount."

- Oli Steffen

"I celebrated my 70th birthday with my husband in a pretty, charming hotel on Lake Constance thanks to the Hotelcard - a dream came true! For retired people like us Hotelcard is great hit."

- Verena Tanner

Join Hotelcard: Fancy going on a journey with us?

Here at Hotelcard we love the diversity of Switzerland and its neighbouring regions. We love choucroute, costini and capuns; can’t get enough of imposing mountains and crystal clear lakes; and love wandering around medieval towns just as much as going on culinary journeys of discovery in vibrant metropolises. Are you just as full of curiosity; have the same tireless sense of adventure and are looking for a job that allows you to contribute your own ideas, experiences and wide-ranging talents? Join us and you can not only indulge your private passion for sustainable, local travel but also make it part of your work. We are looking for co-entrepreneurs who are at home in the digital world and motivated to achieve great things as part of a young team.

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