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Surprise your loved ones with a dreamy time-out in a great mountain, wellness or boutique hotel in the Alpine region. With Hotelcard as a gift, the recipient receives a limited Hotelcard membership, valid for 1 year. Add an optional hotel voucher of any amount to the gift. This allows payment directly at the hotel - whether for a 5-course meal, the spa package or the entire stay.
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  • Hotelcard membership for 12 months. The person receiving the gift receives a personal Hotelcard. The name of the recipient is printed on the Hotelcard.

  • Optional: Hotel voucher (value freely selectable). In addition to the personal Hotelcard, the person receiving the gift receives a hotel voucher with the amount you have chosen. The Hotelcard hotel voucher is accepted by Hotelcard partner hotels as a means of payment and can be used when checking out at the hotel. Almost all partner hotels accept Hotelcard vouchers as a means of payment. Excluded hotels are marked on the hotel pages.

  • If you choose the shipping option "by post", the gift will be packed and sent in a folded card with a high-quality, attractive design.

  • Choose the delivery option “by email” and the gift will be delivered as a PDF. You can print this with your own printer at home. The recipient will receive a digital Hotelcard with this option instead of a physical.

  • The start of validity (here: Valid from) can be freely chosen by the buyer. The Hotelcard membership remains valid for 12 months and the subscription will NOT be renewed automatically. Booking and staying in hotels with Hotelcard-discount is only possible during this period. The Hotel Voucher however remains valid for 2 years from the date of issue.

  • The membership is valid from the selected date. To be able to use all the benefits of the Hotelcard, the membership must be activated at hotelcard.com/activate.

  • All hotel services offered (accommodation, meals, services) can be paid for with a hotel voucher. Partial redemption is possible. However, the voucher can only be redeemed in combination with a booked overnight stay in a hotel.

  • Yes, hotels will still accept hotel vouchers after the expiry of the Hotelcard membership. However, in this case, it is no longer possible to stay overnight with a Hotelcard membership discount up to 50%. The regular room rates of the hotel apply.

  • By post: The gift will be sent to the specified delivery address together with the payment confirmation. Delivery will be made by A Mail, usually within 3 working days.

  • By email: The gift will be sent together with the payment confirmation to the specified email address.