How it works

How HotelCard works

With HotelCard you can stay in over 500 hotels in Switzerland and neighbouring countries with a 30-50% price advantage. Hotels offer their free capacities on and you as a HotelCard member get exclusive access to the most favourable room rates by far. In this way, the hotels increase their occupancy and cover their fixed costs even outside the high season.


Honest Discounts on hundreds of Hotels

We don’t take any commission from our hotels. This means that as a member you therefore benefit from 30-50% lower hotel prices. These discounts are available not just now and then, but all year round whenever hotels have free capacity. Over 500 hotels offer their vacant rooms on and thus increase their year-round occupancy. Transparent, honest and without hidden costs.

A subscription that pays off immediately

For CHF 99 annual subscription fee, you can stay in any of our partner hotels as often as you like and save up to 50%. One Hotelcard is enough per room, no matter how many people. Your subscription fee usually pays for itself after just a one-night stay. After this you save a lot of money with every other hotel stay. Those who do the math travel with Hotelcard.

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A reason to travel more

We love hotels and our offer is aimed at everyone who treats themselves to a hotel experience in Switzerland at least once a year. No matter what the budget and how many stars. Whether it’s a romantic city break, hiking and skiing in the mountains or a wellness weekend in a spa or boutique hotel. As a Hotelcard member, you will always find a reason to travel, explore new regions and discover new things.

Happy members are what drives us

The Hotelcard community includes tens of thousands of loyal members that have been traveling with us for many years. For good reason: our unique model inspires young and old and appeals not only to bargain hunters, but to everyone who loves hotel stays, likes to discover new things and consciously chooses to travel locally.

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What our members say

Discover new places far away from mass tourism

"Since I own a HotelCard, we go on excursions much more often again and treat ourselves to the small luxury of an overnight stay in a hotel. Switzerland has so many exciting corners and with HotelCard, we are always discovering new destinations far away from mass tourism.”

Sandra & Giuseppe member since 2020
A great thing for hotels

“As a hotelier, I appreciate the model. Unlike other booking portals, HotelCard does not take commission on bookings. HotelCard members are welcome guests at our hotel and are a real asset, especially in the low season”

Martin member since 2014
Very good newsletter - always eagerly awaited!

"HotelCard does a great job in communicating the great hotel offers. I always eagerly await the newsletter and read it with great pleasure. In these pandemic times, discovering all that Switzerland has to offer has become a real passion for me. I really appreciate the inspiration for special hotels and unique destinations from HotelCard."

Eric Haldimann member since 2020
Win-win situation for all involved

"I would like to thank the whole HotelCard team for their great commitment. In the meantime, our children no longer live at home and we use the HotelCard offer very often for short holidays. A great thing and I think it really is a win-win situation for everyone. Thank you very much and have fun and success searching and finding nice partner hotels. See you in the next inspiring newsletter."

Siegmund Ksiazek-Stadtbäumer member since 2011
Already saved over 2,000 CHF - it couldn't be better.

"We have been very satisfied with HotelCard for more than 3 years. We have been able to save over 2,000 CHF so far - it couldn't be better. We are really fans and have often recommended HotelCard to others."

Ruedi Kündig member since 2017

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As a HotelCard-member you benefit from incredible hotel-offers of up to 50% discount