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It's pure genius

Since I've had a Hotelcard I have been taking even more time to discover Switzerland's beautiful scenery and multi-faceted towns and cities. In my view the idea that you can use the card to stay at hundreds of hotels for half price for a whole year is pure genius and offers genuine added value.
  image  Georges Bregy Swiss football legend 

Know new things

With the Hotelcard I have already had the chance to discover lots of new things. And there are still many places in Switzerland I would like to discover with my Hotelcard. In the course of my last trips, I have always experienced a lot of hospitality - and this cost the half, thank you, Hotelcard!
  image  Noah Attalla Future of Swiss athletics 


As the holder of a title in “Schwingen” (Swiss folk wrestling) I obviously love Switzerland and its beautiful regions. The Hotelcard and its versatile offerings allow me to explore my home country as often as possible. It allows me to stay at numerous hotels in Switzerland’s most beautiful areas for ½ price and to support Swiss tourism while doing so. Fantastic.
  image  Stefan Burkhalter Top Swiss wrestler 

Perfect for a short break

I am a regular Hotelcard customer. Whenever my partner and I have a few days to spare for a short break, I go to the Hotelcard website to look for suitable half-price accommodation. The mountains are our favourite destination. Switzerland has so many beautiful places to go and, thanks to Hotelcard, we can explore them at a discount.
  image  Oli Steffen 

Make new discoveries

I find Hotelcard provides me with an excellent way to visit tourist attractions in Switzerland spontaneously – no matter where they are located. I don’t need to worry about having to get back home the same day.
  image  Adelheid Kalbfuss 

I'm thrilled

I have just used my Hotelcard to stay at the Hotel La Val Bergspa in Brigels – I was thrilled. The Hotelcard is a brilliant idea! Since I've had one I've been travellling more often and am exploring beautiful Switzerland. I can warmly recommend Hotelcard to others.
  image  Markus Erb 


I have had a Hotelcard for years now and have never been disappointed. Quite the opposite - many hotels even offer upgrades. My family and I find it sensational that we can take advantage of the Hotelcard as often as we do. Absolutely brilliant.
  image  Oliver Bayard 

A dream came true

I celebrated my 70th birthday with my husband in a pretty, charming hotel on Lake Constance thanks to the Hotelcard - a dream came true! We were courteously and warmly welcomed everywhere we went; not once did we feel like second-class guests. For retired people like us Hotelcard is a great hit.
  image  Verena Tanner 

Attractive and handy

As a winegrower, I travel around Switzerland a lot, visiting customers, delivering wine, and participating in various tastings, events, and fairs. I often can't avoid spending the night away from home. I enjoy my downtime at Hotelcard hotels and I keep discovering lots of interesting businesses. I am completely satisfied and can wholly recommend the Hotelcard.
  image  Marco Casanova 2017 Swiss Organic Winegrower of the Year